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Diaa Ahmedien

Diaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien is a Ph.D. researcher in sciences of visual arts and new-media arts, University of Bern, and University of Applied science, Bern, Switzerland from 2014 till 2017. He is a member of SIGGRAPH community, and a fellow of the Royal society of Arts, London. Diaa is an artist, educator, researcher, and creator of setup systems of artworks essentially depending on the interaction of Art, Science, and Technology. He works as a lecturer of New-Media, Drawing and Painting Dept., Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt since 2009. His accurate specialization focuses on Laser art, Holography, Neurological Art, Neuroaesthetics and visual communication within an interactive content. Diaa has several international publications in the leading scientific journals regarding sciences of visual arts as a new domain emerged in a middle area between art and sciences. In his recent publication in LEONARDO, he assumed a new model of a neural game based on synchronous neural communication using a holographic interface. Through his research and experimental artworks, he tries to examine some theoretical and empirical methodologies that can find potential answers to the questions: How scientific research and technological innovation are becoming able to reformulate key to 21st –century aesthetics? How the conceptual aspects of the contemporary artworks are being exhibited through some sorts of complicated scientific interactive processes? And How can experimental contemporary arts produce a real source of the scientific knowledge as an attempt to reinterpret the relationship between art, sciences, and technology in our current era? Researcher ID: J-4159-2014. ORCID: 0000-0001-8768-6858.

Universität Bern
Cairo, Egypt