Jack Ox

Jack Ox is Associate Research Professor in Music and associated faculty at the Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC), University of New Mexico. She has studied beyond her MFA in visual arts at UCSD and done considerable research in both music theory (Manhattan School of Music, NYC) and phonetics (U. of Cologne) to produce work that visually maps structure from extant examples of music, creating information visualizations. Ox participated in Vom Klang der Bilder at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart in 1985, and made an Ursonate presentation at the Centre Georges Pompidou during the Kurt Schwitters retrospective in Paris in 1994. She exhibited the complete cycle of 12 paintings based on Anton Bruckner’s 8th Symphony at the Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz, Austria (1996). The complete Ursonate was exhibited at the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, Poland, in conjunction with the first major Polish Kurt Schwitters exhibition, sponsored by the German government (2004). Since coming to New Mexico, Ox has been performing Ursonate digital projections made from the hand-painted version in collaboration with Kristen Loree’s sung, screamed, graveled performance. Loree, a professor in Theatre at UNM, developed her Ursonate concurrently with but independently from Ox. They have performed together since 2009 beginning at the Chapel Performance Space (Seattle), UNM Composer’s Forum and the Albuquerque Museum (2010), the Bradbury Science Museum, Los Alamos National Labs (LANL), and over the National LambdaRail between UNM’s CARC and Supercomputing11 in Seattle, WA (2011). Ox has been on the editorial board of Leonardo for over 20 years and was guest co-editor of Synesthesia and Intersenses with Jacques Mandelbrojt. Today, she is also co-director of SARC (Scientist Artist Research Collaboration), an ongoing Artist/Scientist project kicking off and showcasing at ISEA2012. This program aims to enable equal and fruitful collaborations between artists and scientists.

Albuquerque, United States