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Deadline: 1 April 2020

Leonardo Abstract Services (LABS) is currently seeking peer reviewers for the 2020 review process. In July they will evaluate and rank MA, MFA, and PhD abstracts that in some way relate to the intersection of art, science and/or technology. These abstracts can be found at

Leonardo Music Journal 29, 2019


Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 29

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In this issue, writers interpret virtual reality with musical expression, generate rhythms of DNA and sonify vibrations of the body, and explore sonic-cyborg performance, soundscape composition, instruments that measure the melting Arctic, and more.


The Webcam as an Emerging Cinematic Medium

Reviewed by Will Luers

Six Concepts for the End of the World and Being Material

Reviewed by Brian Reffin Smith

Sound / Writing: traduire-écrire entre le son et le sens: Homophonic translation – traducson – Oberflächenübersetzung

Reviewed by Jan Baetens

The Sorrows of Priapus: Consisting of The Sorrows of Priapus and The Carnal Myth

Reviewed by Mike Mosher

Les Archives sonores de la poésie

Reviewed by Jan Baetens