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Leonardo journal, published for Leonardo/ISAST by MIT Press, has been considered the premier journal of record in the art/science/technology field for the past 50 years. In keeping with its scholarly focus, the journal editors submit manuscripts to peer review prior to acceptance.

Leonardo 53:4, 2020


Leonardo, Vol. 53, Issue 4

Once a year, Leonardo/ISAST publishes the SIGGRAPH journal issue, the result of an ongoing collaboration between Leonardo and ACM SIGGRAPH to showcase the community of artists, designers and scholars working with computer graphics and interactive technologies. This publication coincides with the SIGGRAPH 2020 virtual conference.


Professorships in Race in Art & Design (Liberal Arts, Experimental and Foundation Studies, Digital + Media)


The Mindful Mona Lisa: Turbulence and Renormalization

By Max Herman

Learning During A Pandemic: A Challenge-A-Day

By Carol Bier

The Archive to Come Exhibition Presented by Telematic


In Memoriam: Bernard Stiegler

By Colette Tron