Leonardo Bibliography Project

Dates or Deadline: 
19 September 2006 to 1 January 2020
Organized by: 

We are seeking bibliographies of interest to our art/science/technology audience. Types of bibliographies might include (but are not limited to) reading lists for classes and courses that might be of interest to other educators; detailed bibliographies on a specialized topic (e.g. Art and the Internet); bibliographies of single authors of interest to our readership (e.g. Rudolf Arnheim).

If you are interested in publishing a bibliography on Leonardo's website, contact the Leonardo Editorial Office with a one-paragraph description (summary introduction) of the bibliography that provides the title of the bibliography, definitions of any specific terms (e.g. "Telecommunications art"), and outline what the bibliography encompasses (e.g. "a listing of books, journals and theses published from 1921 to 1945"). It is also helpful to indicate where interested persons can find more information. If we are interested in seeing the full bibliography to consider to online publication, we will then ask you to email the full bibliography.

All bibliographies are then sent out for peer review to help us determine its appropriateness for publication and its completeness and to obtain suggestions for changes or additions. If your bibliography is accepted for publication, we will publish your descriptive introductory summary paragraph along with the bibliography online; we will also publish the paragraph in the print journal Leonardo, pointing to the website.

If your bibliography is accepted for publication, we will ask you to send it and the descriptive paragraph to us on computer disk (PC or Mac), along with a hard copy version for use in referring to formatting and accents.

If you have a bibliography already available online, send us a description and we will point to the bibliography, if appropriate.

For examples of bibliographies currently available online, see The Leonardo Bibliography Project.