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Richard Garrett

Richard Garrett is an English composer living in Wales, UK whose current interests are improvisation and algorithmic composition. Richard started out as a guitarist playing rock music but, over the years has studied in a number of disciplines including: Raag and Cosmic Theatre with Gilles Petit; jazz at the Welsh Jazz Summer School; MAX/MSP at Goldsmiths College, London; and Algorithmic Computer Music with David Cope at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
At present, Richard's best known work is Weathersongs, a project to create music from the weather as recorded by an electronic weather station. The project has a number of elements starting from an installation which composes music in real-time through to musical interpretations of both real-time data and information collected over days or even months. For more information on the Weathersongs, project go to http://www.weathersongs.org.
Richard has recorded six albums to date. Installations featuring his music have appeared at the Ars Electronica Festival 2003 in Linz, Austria; and at Thunderstorms 2007 in Abano Terme, Italy.
Richard lives in an isolated farmhouse, halfway between the mountains of Snowdonia and the sea, with his wife, Heather and son, Sean. There, he writes music and distributes recordings through Sunday Dance Music.

location: United Kingdom