Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss is an Australian digital media artist who is currently investigating presence-based engagement within interactive art systems. A PhD candidate at Creativity and Cognition Studios (CCS) at the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS), she works with artist and academic Ernest Edmonds and researcher Dr Linda Candy. With a background in producing large-scale, site-specific, spectacle theatre events, graphic design and film and video productions, Sarah’s current work combines theatrical elements with naturalistic video components and explores various depths of (tele-) presence immersion by involving spectators as participants. Using a practice-based methodology, her thesis will explore the potential of creating and utilising a VOD computer-based system in order to generate a ‘sense of being there’: a tool for facilitating access to remote locations. Her work explores issues of real versus imagined events (memory), augmented and physical realities and levels of engagement through interactivity. Broadly speaking Sarah’s new work explores human-computer engagement within a framework of contemporary, interactive, wearable technologies that address the topic of healing media with particular consideration given to time, place and space exploration.

University of Technology Sydney
Broadway, Australia