José-Ramón Alcalá-Mellado

José R. Alcalá (Valencia, Spain, 1960) /  +34 670113289 
Professor (Chair-since 2001). New Media Arts. University Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid) & University of Castilla-La Mancha (Cuenca).
Director (since its inauguration, in 1989 until 2018) of MIDECIANT (Museo Internacional de Electrografía-Centro de Innovación en Arte y Nuevas Tecnologías / International Museum of Electrographic Artworks-Innovation Centre for New Media Art) of Cuenca.
Director (since its inauguration, in 2014 until 2018) of the Contemporary Arts Archives and Collections (CAAC) of Cuenca (Spain), since is set up, in 2013.
Leading Researcher of the UCLM group Interfaces Culturales; Arte y Nuevos Medios. until 2018.
Director of the LÚMEN_EX Digital Art Awards. University of Extremadura (2010 & 2011). 
Director of the Human Orbital Observatory of Gijón. International Biannual Festival of Electronics Art. Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto. Town Council of Gijón (Spain). Since 2004 & 2006.
Curator of New Media Art exhibitions, Festivals and Symposiums, National and International exhibitions like new media artist from 1983.
1999 National Award of the Spanish Royal Academy of Arts for MIDE’s contribution to the developing of new printing systems.
Artist in Residence at Tokyo Canon Art Lab (Japan, 1991-1992), granted by Canon Foundation in Europe.
Member of several Scientific Committees like, Ciberart Festival. Bilbao. 2004, Artnodes rev., Deforma Rev., University Polytechnic of Valencia Ed., Archives of Digital Art, Danube Univ. etc.
Writer and Art Critic & researcher of several national and international publications about Media Arts, Digital Arts & Culture, Digital Education, New Art Museum strategies, etc.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Madrid, Spain
Focus area: Net Art, Web Art, Digital, Art History, Theory, Philosophy, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Video, Film