Sarah Jane Pell

I am an artist-researcher extending extreme performance by engaging aesthetics and participating in exploration from Sea, to Summit, to Space. Valued as an octagonal thinker and working to establish a new field, I also deliver workshops and keynote lectures on the power of an arts framework for igniting technology transfer and new discovery across academic and technical domains to solve real-world problems. My work has been featured in exhibitions, conferences, films, documentaries, popular media, industry journals and academic books. Co-Chair of the European Space Agency (ESA) Topical Team Art and Science [ETTAS], under the ELIPSE life sciences program since 2012, we have facilitated interdisciplinary meetings in three countries between experts from the arts, engineering, sciences and ESA including an Astronaut to understand the state of the art in our fields. Producing a feature-length showcase video documentary of space-related artist, we have also presented numerous international exhibitions and published to ESA life science conferences and the International Astronautical Congress. In 2013, I curated and presented a space-art evening to a delegation of 3000 physicists and co-launched the Black Sky Thinking Prize with Rachel Armstrong and Jason Silva. I am currently writing a chapter on ‘Bodies in Extremis’ for STAR ARC edited by Prof. Rachel Armstrong (Springer Praxis, expected 2016). Through trans-disciplinary design research with Prof. Paul Carter (RMIT Design Research Institute) on the ARC-funded Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University, coastal design project ‘Oceans Connection’ 2015-2017.