R. Chris Miall

School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT, U.K. Email: r.c.miall@bham.ac.uk.

Chris Miall has a background in neurophysiology and behavior with over 35 years’ experience in sensorimotor systems neuroscience. His early training was in zoology from Imperial College London; he then held research fellowships at Imperial College, Cambridge and Oxford, and since 2004 has been at the University of Birmingham. His research covers broad aspects of neural control of movement and sensorimotor integration, with particular interest in visually guided action.


Journal Articles

A Painter's Eye Movements: A Study of Eye and Hand Movement during Portrait Drawing

February 2001
Articles and Notes

Henri Matisse Drawing: An Eye-Hand Interaction Study Based on Archival Film

October 2009
Technical Article

Auguste Rodin Draws Blind: An Art and Psychology Study

October 2019