Yoon Chung Han

Yoon Chung Han is an interactive media artist, award-winning interaction designer and currently an assistant professor in the department of design at San Jose State University. Over the past 10 years, she has created a wide range of interactive 2D/3D audiovisual art installations including biologic art, data visualization and sonification, generative art and audiovisual interface design. She earned her BFA and MFA at Seoul National University, her second MFA in Design | Media Arts at University of California, Los Angeles, and holds a PhD in media arts and technology from University of California, Santa Barbara.


Journal Articles

Articles and Notes

Skin Pattern Sonification as a New Timbral Expression

December 2014
Art Gallery

Proliferating Possibilities: Speculative Futures in Art and Design Art Gallery

July 2019
Leonardo Gallery

IEEE VIS 2016 and 2017 Arts Program Gallery

February 2020
Leonardo Gallery

Highlights from the IEEE VIS 2016 and 2017 Arts Program

February 2020
XYZN: Scale

Digiti Sonus

August 2013