12 Hot Reads from Leonardo & Leonardo Music Journal

By Erica Hruby

These reads from Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal—selected from our most-read content between August 2019 to August 2020—are free to access, download and share from The MIT Press.

Emergent Knowledge in the Third Space of Art-Science
Lizzie Muller, Lynn Froggett and Jill Bennett (June 2020)

Drawing New Boundaries: Finding the Origins of Dragons in Carboniferous Plant Fossils
DorothyBelle Poli and Lisa Stoneman (Feb. 2020)

Exploring Mondrian Compositions in Three-Dimensional Space
Jasmina Stevanov and Johannes M. Zanker (Feb. 2020)

CAVE: Making Collective Virtual Narrative
Kris Layng, Ken Perlin, Sebastian Herscher, Corinne Brenner and Thomas Meduri (Aug. 2019)

Respire: Virtual Reality Art with Musical Agent Guided by Respiratory Interaction
Kıvanç Tatar, Mirjana Prpa and Philippe Pasquier (Aug. 2019)

Digital Critics: The Early History of Online Art Criticism
Charlotte Frost (Feb. 2019)

The Musical Geometry of Genes: Generating Rhythms from DNA
Alvaro Yanez (Dec. 2018)

Practice-Based Research in the Creative Arts: Foundations and Futures from the Front Line
Linda Candy and Ernest Edmonds (Feb. 2018)

An Alternative Approach to Establishing a Studio Doctorate in Fine Art
Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia (Oct. 2017)

Holograms: The Story of a Word and Its Cultural Uses
Sean Johnston (Oct. 2017)

Perceptual Cells: James Turrell’s Vision Machines Between Two Paracinemas
Alla Gadassik (Aug. 2016)

Art, Space and Hyperreality: An Artistic Exploration of Artificiality, Meaning and Boundaries within Astrobiological Practice
Andy Gracie (Feb. 2016)

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