Free Articles from Leonardo Journal and LMJ 2018

By Erica Hruby

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Happy Holidays from Leonardo!

In every journal issue, we feature free and open access articles. Click each link to download and enjoy.

Volume 51, No. 1, February 2018

Practice-Based Research in the Creative Arts: Foundations and Futures from the Front Line
Linda Candy and Ernest Edmonds

A Concise Taxonomy for Describing Data as an Art Material
Julie Freeman, Geraint Wiggins, Gavin Starks, and Mark Sandler

Volume 51, No. 2, April 2018

The Contribution of Desmond Paul Henry (1921–2004) to Twentieth-Century Computer Art
Elaine O’Hanrahan

Volume 51, No. 3, June 2018

Leonardo Gallery: Scientific Delirium Madness 4.0
Margot H. Knight, Marco Buongiorno Nardelli, Anna M. Davidson, Ken Eklund, Katharine Hawthorne, GinaRae LaCerva, Adria C. LeBoeuf, Patrice Le Gal, Ainissa Ramirez, Heather Spence, Javiera Tejerina-Risso, and Peter Walter

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Charles Darwin, T. H. Huxley, the Origin of Cotton and Gregor Mendel (Inventor of X-rays)
Bethany F. Econopouly and Stephen S. Jones

Volume 51, No. 4, August 2018

Augmented Fauna and Glass Mutations: A Dialogue Between Material and Technique in Glassblowing and 3D Printing
Tobias Klein

Volume 51, No. 5, October 2018

Advanced Constructivism and Postgravity Art: Theoretical and Philosophical Implications
Mojca Puncer

Leonardo Music Journal 28, December 2018

Experimental Sound Mixing for The Well, a Short Film Made for Tablets
Karen Collins and Ruth Dockwray