Artist: Peter Raedschelders

The combination of art and mathematics is my hobby; I am neither artist nor mathematician. The artworks I make are prints made from hand-made drawings.
Seals (print, 30 x 42 cm)

Stars (print, 30 x 42 cm)
I have been highly influenced by the work of M.C. Escher, but I try to find mathematical ideas that Escher never used. Most of my works are tilings (such as Ducks, 1995), but some are prints with an unusual perceptive (such as Space [1994]).

I found the tile for Ducks during an attempt to find a solution to the unsolved problem of an aperiodic set of tilings with only one tile. (An aperiodic set of tilings is a set of tilings where every possible tiling is non-periodic.)
Ducks (print, 30 x 42 cm, 1995)

Vogels (print, 30 x 42 cm)
Ducks is a non-periodic tiling with only one tile, but periodic tilings are also possible.

We usually use three vanishing points to draw a cube in correct perspective. In Space, I used four vanishing points to draw the cube: one to the left, one to the right, one up and one down.
Space (print, 30 x 42 cm, 1994)

Turtles (print, 30 x 42 cm)
To make this clear, I placed several cubes next to one other and on top of one other. Afterwards I placed some "space-animals" in it to give it more depth. Space consists of 54 triangles, all with the same pattern of lines.

All artwork ©Peter Raedschelders.

Peter Raedschelders,
9150 Kruibeke,


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