LEON 53.4 - Cacophonic Choir: An Interactive Art Installation Embodying the Voices of Sexual Assault Survivors

This paper describes the conceptual background, design and implementation of an interactive art installation, Cacophonic Choir, that aims to bring attention to the firsthand stories of sexual assault survivors. Cacophonic Choir addresses the ways in which their experiences are distorted by digital and mass media, and how these distortions may affect survivors. The installation comprises multiple agents, distributed in space, that are heard from afar as an incoherent cloud of murmurs.

LEON 53.4 - the Unknown Person: Post-Colonial Fictioning, Personal Stories and Surveillance

the Unknown Person connects the artist’s family history to Britain’s postcolonial “fictioning.” The project interrogates the gaze of surveillance and social control systems to explore the fiction of the self, data and liminal spaces of the City of London. The final output of this research is a video documentary that employs machine learning processes and facial recognition techniques to generate visuals to reveal the aesthetic value of a neural network. The project culminated as an installation of multiple screens mounted on a scaffolding structure.

LEON 53.4 - Rilievo: Artistic Scene Authoring via Interactive Height Map Extrusion in VR

The authors present a virtual authoring environment for artistic creation in VR. It enables the effortless conversion of 2D images into volumetric 3D objects. Artistic elements in the input material are extracted with a convenient VR-based segmentation tool. Relief sculpting is then performed by interactively mixing different height maps. These are automatically generated from the input image structure and appearance. A prototype of the tool is showcased in an analog-virtual artistic workflow in collaboration with a traditional painter.

LEON 53.4 - Pixel of Matter: New Ways of Seeing with an Active Volumetric Filmmaking System

Using volumetric filmmaking as a medium for artists and designers requires the development of new methodologies and tools. We introduce an installation art project using the active volumetric filmmaking technology to investigate its possibilities in art practice. To do that, we developed a system to film volumetric video in real time, thereby allowing its users to capture large environments and objects without fixed placement or preinstallation of cameras.

LEON 53.4 - Hybrid Embroidery: Exploring Interactive Fabrication in Handcrafts

This paper presents Hybrid Embroidery, a framework for interactive fabrication that leverages computational methods to broaden the possibilities of the craft of embroidery. Combining embroidery techniques, generative design methods, computer vision and a computerized embroidery machine, we show how this framework elicits a variety of innovative fabrication experiences that emphasize open-ended exploration, improvisation and play. The paper documents this framework, a series of sample results, challenges and next steps.