Advocate for interdisciplinary innovation. Give to LASER today.

You already know of the critical need to create opportunities to convene and innovate across disciplines. That’s why Leonardo needs your donation to allow the global LASER Talks network to thrive and grow—a network that connects artists, scientists, researchers, thought leaders and academics through curiosity and exploration. LASER Talks are a vital means for the convergence of big ideas in art and science. These ongoing events are fostered by transdisciplinary leaders and organizations in their own communities and simultaneously connect to the Leonardo network hub.

The LASER network has grown dramatically in the past few years to an amazing three dozen sites worldwide!  Its success is stretching our ability to keep up with demand...a very good problem to have. Today, we ask your support so that we may provide valuable resources to you and others who strive daily for transdisciplinarity.


Where does your gift go?

Your generous gift goes to Leonardo/ISAST to support the LASER Program infrastructure that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sustaining Leonardo’s support of 36+ LASER Hosts 
  • Providing leadership support through convening, communications, and training 
  • Helping a dedicated LASER Fellow work with all LASER Communities 
  • Regranting Opportunities
  • Technical support and web hosting for the LASER Host Portal



"There's a real need for this type of community building. This is evident by how the LASER network has grown." 

J.D. Talasek, LASER Chair and Director of Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences