Written by Frank Pietronigro, April 1998
As sensitive human beings, we artists ventured on a journey, like nomads to an exotic world and engaged in a potlatch of sorts. I am sure that astronauts will approach the first sentient beings, they meet, with the same spirit of generosity with which we were approached by NASA staff. We artists benefited greatly from the education, experiences and meetings we had with the people at NASA.


Fine art has always been created as a compliment to scientific
experimentation because, I believe, humans are naturally inclined to
satisfy the myriad needs of our souls in addition to the callings of the
intellect. We ascend and descend between our conscious and unconscious
minds being influenced by both the left and right hemispheres,
neuroanatomically speaking.
 Counterpoint in art, as with all of life, is implicitly woven into our
experience simply, I believe, because all of the social, political,
biological, linguistic and cultural structures, we've created, have
literal physical foundations built upon subatomic particle forces which
find some kind of cohesive harmony in counterpoint.
 Like the atomic structure of the crystal, all relative levels of a
crystal reflects the nature of it's underlying structure. It is obvious
that there are dynamics of counterpoints in electromagnetism and
gravity, and I would imagine but I don't know for sure, that similar
dynamics are expressed in the electrostrong and the electroweak forces.
 Future space travelers, like us, will have a physicality based upon
quantum mechanics as well. As a result, I think that astronauts will
benefit in similar ways by finding counterpoint in their language
through the integration of expressionistic terms and traditional
creative processes. I believe that art in space will decrease stress,
reduce boredom and provide experimental spaces in which one can engage
in needed exercise. The local daily life of astronauts in space, will
benefit by integrating techniques which come from the world of art as a
refreshing vacation from their technological, analytical world.
NASA staff considered the concepts we artists offered as 'scientific'
hypothesis, as outlined in our
Proposal Objectives. To support our
mutual dialogue, we artists integrated traditional scientific research
methodologies into our art processes, in order to use the language of
science, as that was the world in which we found ourselves. At the same
time we also used expressive languages, shifting between icon and
metaphor, ultimately sharing the experience as a gift with the
 Our diverse identities and polyvocal natures can be successfully
nurtured and harmoniously integrated into the context of space flight
technology. I am grateful to the California Space Grant Program, The
Texas Space Grant Program, the San Francisco Art Institute, and Leonardo
On-Line for their contributions to the development of our work.
 I enjoy affording myself the luxury of living within rich timeless space
of the nonlinear, non-structured time, playing creatively and waiting
for inspiration to grace me. The little boy is in me, alive and well.
 I don't feel any sense of time; like during those long distant road
trips. Living those moments, I loose my place in time and space, and
venture back to my realization of the present moment refreshed and
rejuvenated for new experiences. My challenge is to forever orchestrate
a life which floats between these directional influences on lifes'
analytic and symbolic levels.
 I know from my own experience, that if I only attend to the requirements
of the structured, linear promptings of my mind, that I come to feel as
if a significant part of me begins to die. I believe that the same
would hold true for astronauts on a two year journey to Mars. Some of
the time, emphasis is out of balance and I wake up to the fact that I
can journey back to the other side of the veil, be it physical or not.
 As for myself, connection to an implicit loving energy is paramount in
the experience, be it emanating from within or without.
My energy is drained and need to rejuvenate through conscious
diversification of my experiences. As a result, I drift between left
brain-right brain activities, between my emotions and my intellect. I
am challenged to orchestrate the unfolding of my life between the world
of nonverbal, intuitive, impulsive, subjective, simultaneous,
visuo-spatial, horizontal, timeless imagination and the world of the
verbal, temporal, digital, intellectual, rational, directed, sequential,
objective, logical, vertical and analytical.
 Consequently, I see my dance and non-structured drift paintings, created
within a shifting context, fostered by NASA technology, as a signifier
metaphorically serving for my ongoing personal struggles in life. I
have an inherent need to balance desire, conflicting motivations and
many divergent influences, be they conscious or unconscious.
 We had a great time doing our art and we hope that NASA staff enjoyed
themselves too! Our souls require as much nurturing, as do our physical
bodies, so I believe creativity is a required natural food, for our
consumption as we travel through time and space. It seems to me, that
our scientists and engineers are able to keep the body alive in outer
space, through technologies; but, I cannot imagine a two year space
trip, from which sane human beings will return; if, the scientist don't
employ traditional creative methodologies as tools to keep the Human
Spirit alive.
Frank Pietronigro, Project Founder, February 11, 1998

Frank Pietronigro
P. O. Box 193163
San Francisco, CA 94119


1996-1998 San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Certificate Program
1994-1996 San Francisco Art Institute, Bachelor of Fine Arts
       Major: Interdisciplinary Arts
1975-77 University of the Arts/Philadelphia College of Art
       Major: Fine Arts
       Dean's List: 1976
1973-75 Philadelphia Community College
       Major: Fine Arts
       Dean's List: 1973 through 1975


1996-97 Board of Directors, Castro Street Fair Corporation
1993-96 Contributing Writer, ARTworks, San Francisco, CA
1990   Co-Producer, Gantt For Senate Fundraiser, San Francisco
1986   Founding Artist, Masterworks, San Francisco, CA
1985   Director, 39th Annual S.F. Arts Commission Festival
1984   Co-Director, 38th Annual S. F. Arts Commission Festival
1983   Project Assistant, S. F. Summer Festival, San Francisco
1983   Producer, Art In The Park, San Francisco, CA
1982   Producer, Art In The Park, San Francisco, CA
1979   Director, Fine Arts Pavilion, Castro St. Fair, San Francisco
1978   Art Director, Fourteen Carat Gold, Philadelphia, PA


1998 National Space Grant College and Fellowship Award
1997 Juror, 1998-99 Exhibition Season; Selected artists for
         exhibition at Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco
1996 San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artists Grant
1994-96 Sobel Memorial Scholarship, San Francisco Art Institute
1994-96 San Francisco Art Institute Grant
1993 Award of Achievement, S. F. Renaissance, San Francisco
1992 Artist In Residency Award, Kalani Honua, Kalapana, HI
1992   Best of Show, Castro Street Fair, San Francisco, CA
1990   Creativity Certificate of Distinction,
           Art Direction Magazine
1982   Merit Award, Society of Communicating Arts
           32nd Annual Exhibit of Advertising and Design
1981   First Place, National Art Competition, Hibbs Gallery,
           New York, NY
1977   Merit Award - Mixed Media, Art Annual of Atlantic City
1974   Guest Artist, KWY-TV, Represented Art Department of
           Philadelphia Community College to discuss artwork, Philadelphia, PA


1998  Bechtel Corporation Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
1997  Hitachi Corporation, Santa Clara, CA
1997  Museum Parc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1997  San Francisco Townsend Design Center Exhibit
1997  455 Market Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1997  Houna Gallery, Hilo, HI
1996  Atrium Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1995  Phoenix Editorial, San Francisco, CA
1994  Artist's Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1994  Wiseman Gallery, Grants Pass, OR
1992   Josie's Cabaret Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
1991   California Men's Gathering Exhibit, San Francisco, CA
1989   Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1989   American Zephyr Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1981   417 Roosevelt Way Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
1979   Evening Gallery Exhibition, San Francisco, CA


1998 Project Director, NASA Reduced Gravity Student Flight Project
         with San Francisco Art Institute and Texas Space Grant
1996 Documents: Text In Salt at Diego Rivera Gallery
1996 Equality and Justice For All, A Visual Aid Benefit Print,
         Created at the Center For Digital Media  at the San Francisco Art Institute
1995 Swen, New Genres Presentation, SFAI, CA
         Performance and Linguistics
1994 Angels of Alcatraz, Golden Gate National Park, San Francisco Bay, CA
         Performance to transform the energy at Alcatraz
1994 New Langton Arts, Community Projects Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
         Group Mural Project
1993 Metaphoric Objects, Kalani Honua, Pahoa, HI
         Installation of metaphoric objects integrated into Hawaiian Rain Forest


1998 3Com Corporation Exhibition, Santa Clara, CA
1998 Network Associates Exhibition, Menlo Park, CA
1998 Synopsys Incorporated Exhibition, Mountain View, CA
1998 Quantum Corporation Exhibition, Milpitas, CA
1998 Harmonic Lightwave Exhibition, Sunnyvale, CA
1997 Skin Deep, Bridge Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1996-98 Peoria Art Guild Group Show, Peoria, IL
1996 115th Annual San Francisco Art Institute Exhibition,
         Bridges: A Collaborative Project, San Francisco, CA
1996 Digital Photography '96, Internet Group Show, Bradley
         University and the Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL

1996 302.XX and Hot Dog Tongs, Two Person Show,
         Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1996 Senior Exhibition, BayFront Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1996 Spring Show, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco
1996 Men Working, ARTwork Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1995-98 Museum West Group Show, San Francisco, CA
1995 Diego Rivera Gallery Group Show, San Francisco, CA
1995 International Art Fair, Hotel Phoenix, San Francisco, CA
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1995 Different Perspectives: Pride, Freedom & Responsibility,
         Vallejo Community Arts Foundation, Vallejo, CA
1995 Skin Deep Group Show, ARTwork Gallery, San Francisco
1994 Issues of Violence, Orange County Center
         For Contemporary Arts, Santa Ana, CA
1993-98 Carol Robinson Gallery, New Orleans, LA
1993-94 Foundation Gallery, Lahina, HI
1993-94 State Of Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1992-95 Phoenix Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1992   Drawing Directions, Modesto College Art Gallery,
Modesto, CA
1992   Lee and Lees Contemporary Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
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1989   Gallery Sanchez, San Francisco, CA
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