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Newly recieved Books (in title order):

3D Typography.

By Jeanette Abbink and Emily C. M. Anderson.

Mark Batty Publisher, New York, USA, 2010.

pp. 223, illus. col., b/w.

ISBN: 978-0-9841906-2-1

(received Plymouth July 2010)

Cinema Beyond Film: Media Epistemology in the Modern Era.

By Francois Albera and Maria Tortajada (eds.).

Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010.

pp. 271, illus. b/w.

ISBN: 978-90-8964-083-3

(received Plymouth July 2010)

Inside the Death Drive: Excess and Apocalypse in the World of the Chapman Brothers (Tate Liverpool Critical Forum, Vol. 11)

By Jonathan Harris (ed.).

Liverpool University Press/Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK, 2010.

pp.240, illus., col., b/w.

ISBN: 978-1-84631-192-5

(received Plymouth July 2010)

La scomparsa dell’orologio universale: Peter Watkins e i mass media audiovisivi.

By German A. Duarte.

Mimesis Filosofie, Milan, Italy, 2009.


ISBN: 978-88-5750-122-2

(received Plymouth July 2010)

Listening to Noise and Silence: Towards a Philosophy of Sound Art.

By Salmoné Voegelin.

Continuum, New York, London, USA, UK, 2010.


ISBN: 978-1-4411-6207-6

(received Plymouth July 2010)

Performing the Archive: The Transformation of the Archive in Contemporary Art from Repository of Documents to Art Medium.

By Simone Osthoff.

Atropos, New York, Dresden, USA, Germany, 2009.

pp.203, illus., b/w.

ISBN: 978-0-9825309-0-0

(received Plymouth July 2010)

Newly recieved CDs (in title order):

Sun Ra and His Omniverse Jet-Set Arkestra: Detroit Jazz Center 1980.

By Sun Ra.

ReR Megacorp, Thornton Heath, UK, 2010.


(received Plymouth July 2010)


By Paolo Angeli.

ReR Megacorp, Thornton Heath, UK, 2010.


(received Plymouth July 2010)

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