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surrounded by waves

Surrounded By Waves

by Jean-Christophe Ribot, Director
Icarus Films, New York, USA, 2009
52 mins, color. Sales, $390
Distributor's website: http://www.IcarusFilms.com.

Reviewed by Rob Harle


I was quite keen to review this film as I thought it might give clear incontrovertible evidence of the dangers posed to humans from electromagnetic radiation fields. Unfortunately, the film does not provide this. As those concerned with this issue know only too well, the literature is controversial, contradictory, and extremely confusing. This is precisely the reason why the film cannot provide definitive answers. This observation not withstanding, the film is extremely enlightening, well made, and a must-see for anyone vaguely concerned about neurodegenerative diseases, brain tumours, and a whole host of other health issues thought to be caused by these invisible waves.

Surrounded by Waves by Jean-Christophe Ribot is very well researched and presents a balanced assessment of the evidence and current research, which interestingly is mainly conducted in Europe. If we read between the lines (or look between the frames as it were), I am sure most viewers will find some sobering facts. The film in DVD format runs for 52 minutes, is in colour, mainly in English with subtitles when necessary. The camera work and audio are both very good; one minor criticism is that some of the shots, a young man talking on a cell phone for example, are used too repetitively.

This film is as much about human nature and its intractability as it is about invisible waves. We are seeing exactly the same scenario now (2010) with cell phone (ab)-use as we have in the past with asbestos, massive indiscriminate use of insecticide and herbicide sprays, the tobacco industry and various pharmaceutical drugs such as thalidomide. That is - lies, deception, cover-ups and deliberately biased scientific reports to keep the general public in a state of somnambulism. The stakes are very high indeed for the major players in the telecommunications industry, both manufacturers and service providers. I use the example of cell phones as this film concentrates mainly on these amazing, ubiquitous devices. There is little discussion about electrical house wiring, high voltage power lines, emissions from computer screens and so on. The film I believe would have benefited from a little more discussion in these areas.

If you doubt the deception concerned with the examples above, a little research will show that the dangers of asbestos were well known many years prior to legislation against its use. Rachel Carson in Silent Spring showed without doubt the toxic environmental effects of such poisons as Dieldrin and 245T. She was hounded and threatened and attempts were made to discredit her scientific evidence by those with profit-at-any-cost agendas. When I hear a neurosurgeon from Royal Brisbane Hospital in Australia saying there is no doubt that excessive cell phone use (as demonstrated by numerous teenagers world wide) produces brain tumours, that there is a huge increase in the prevalence of such tumours, they are always on the side of the brain where the phone is used, what can I think?. He is in despair because these tumours are increasingly becoming inoperable. Then, I hear some PR person for a cell phone manufacturer saying there is no evidence that these phones cause tumours? The film shows independent research laboratories, funded by cell phone companies that consistently fail to replicate results of other laboratories. Very strange! Olle Johansson's lab in Sweden was the first to show the detrimental effects of Agent Orange. In this film his warnings are well worth taking seriously. Electro hypersensitivity is officially recognised in Sweden as a disability.

There is indisputable evidence that RF (radio frequency) waves can cause cancers. Radar operators from WWII and amateur ham radio operators have far higher incidences of cancer, especially leukaemia, than the general population. So, the real question is not if, but how much exposure (intensity, proximity, and so on) is a safe limit with these waves. The various scientists interviewed throughout the film stress the importance of finding these safe limits.

I bought a small Electromagnetic Field Detector that shows the levels of electromagnetic radiation so that I can assess which of our appliances were potentially dangerous. The microwave oven is not safe when in use within two metres! The cordless phone presents no danger at all, similarly with the computer screen. All electric motors present danger at close (30cm) proximity. I mention these readings from this detector for interest sake only and do not suggest that the readings are a scientific fact, though they may well be.

This film is well worth viewing so that you can make up your own mind concerning the invisible waves and, perhaps, take appropriate reasonable precautions to safeguard your health.

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