UCLA Art|Sci Center Presents Fantastic Voyage: Crossing the Boundaries of Art, Science + Technology - Patricia Olynyk

Dates or Deadline: 
17 April 2021 to 19 April 2021
Organized by: 
UCLA Art|Sci Center
Patricia Olynyk
United States

MEDICINE & ART- Patricia Olynyk

The conversation between art and science has been a robust one since the mid-twentieth century, generating innovative art works that have mined complex information systems, cybernetics, the phenomenology of perception, and more recently new advances in biotechnology, climate change, and neuroscience. Fantastic Voyage will provide a brief introduction to the art, science, technology nexus over the past 70 years, with an emphasis on more current works, many of which are driven by pressing technological, environmental, and socio-political issues. This lecture will also introduce the Art I Sci Center's new Medicine + Media Arts Fellowship and Initiative, which seeks to bridge the fields of medicine and media art and serve as a hub for the artistic exploration of contemporary medical science and biotechnology.