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Greater Earth at Venice Biennale

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11 May 2017 to 26 November 2017

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At the invitation of the Global Art Affairs Foundation, Swiss/American artist and Leonardo editorial board member Arthur Woods will present the Greater.Earth art intervention in the "Personal Structures" group exhibition that will take place during the 2017 Venice Art Biennale. The exhibition which previews on May 11 and 12, opens on May 13 and continues until November 26, 2017. It is hosted by the European Cultural Centre at the Palazzo Bembo located near the Rialto bridge.

A New Perception of Earth Greater.Earth introduces a new perception of our planet that is based on Earth's true cosmic dimensions as defined by the laws of physics and the Earth’s gravitational attraction describing a sphere with a diameter of 3 million kilometers. Arthur Woods maintains that an awareness of this perception may help to catalyze an optimistic path towards a sustainable and prosperous future for humanity while helping to insure the survival and perpetuation of all life on Earth. A Cultural Dimension to Space Greater.Earth is also an art intervention - a “Personal Structure” - where Arthur Woods is the Resident Artist within his own alternative space program including launch vehicles, satellites, a reusable spaceplane and a space station. From his virtual vantage point in Earth orbit, he is broadcasting regular video communications, interviews and observations about events that are impacting our civilization. Computer generated video animations are being combined with his intimate knowledge about how space development and space technologies can significantly address the many environmental, geopolitical, economic and cultural challenges that humanity currently faces. He believes it is essential that a robust cultural dimension becomes integrated into humanity’s space programs in order to insure their success for future generations.

The exhibition in Palazzo Bembo consists of two parts. The first part is an interactive installation that visually and technically connects to the Greater.Earth space station in orbit where Woods is the Resident Artist. Real time interaction will take place between the public in Venice and the artist in "space" via a Skype Internet connection. A multi-media video presentation will show his launch to the Greater.Earth space station and introduce his various art-in-space interventions that he is currently developing. Adjacent is an installation of the artist’s poetic and provocative EarthSeeds art intervention which conceptually introduces the idea of "terraforming" an extraterrestrial environment with artistic "seeds" of life from Earth. Arthur Woods – Resident Artist Arthur Woods is an early practitioner of the astronautical arts or AstroArts most noted for his two art-in-space realizations on the Mir space station in 1993 and 1995. From 1959 -1970 he lived near Cape Canaveral, Florida and the Kennedy Space Center where he worked at the space center during the Apollo program. In 1973, he moved to Switzerland where he currently lives and works. His previous Cosmic Dancer and Ars Ad Astra art-in-space projects are currently on display in a major exhibition called “The Universe and Art” at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore until July 30. The Cosmic Dancer video will also be included in the Venice multi-media presentation.