FILE SAO PAULO 2019 – 20 Years of FILE 20 Years of Art and Technology

Dates or Deadline: 
26 June 2019 to 11 August 2019
Sao Paulo

20 Years of FILE 20 Years of Art and Technology


In 2019, FILE – Electronic Language International Festival – celebrates its 20th anniversary. The festival’s main focus is to show what is innovative in art and technology, and for the last 20 years FILE’s mission has been to offer the Brazilian public the chance to experience the latest and best of electronic art.
Since the 20th century, artists have sought innovative means of expression through research. From the point of view of artistic production, the interdisciplinary relationship between arts and technology has effectively transformed the creative process and the way art is shown – be it in the public’ relationship with the work or in its relationship with the exhibition space.
Electronic art has been continually developing and exercising a fundamental purpose in the contemporary world, as it seeks not only to innovate through technology but, above all, to represent the diversity of new behaviors within society.
As well as looking back with pride at its own story, FILE 2019 has the honor of celebrating important anniversaries of two icons in the history of art -the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci and 100 years of the Bauhaus. Visitors to FILE 2019 can enjoy a variety of approaches to art and technology through works which make use of electronic language in different ways, from interactive installations and games to animation, GIFs and video art. They are projects which through their innovation and creative potential open up new spaces for living and aesthetic perspectives.
To mark an important moment in this journey, FILE is pleased to offer the public 20 Years of FILE, 20 Years of Art and Technology and invites visitors to immerse themselves in a poetic vision of the new technologies.


Paula Perissinotto & Ricardo Barreto
FILE founders and organizers





Studio Tony Spark: Teun Vonk – A Sense of Gravity – Netherlands
‘A Sense of Gravity’ lets you experience gravity anew. Teun Vonk created this space that is not static, but that changes in size and shape. This interferes with the logic of spatial perception, ‘waking up’ your body’s sensory system and influencing our perception of gravit. In close collaboration with designers and programmers, the artist developed this prototype immersive installation. This technological, futuristic looking machine harbours a dynamic, soft space that invites the viewer to submit to a very personal physical experience.


Kristin McWharter – Scope – United States
‘Scope’ consists of two VR (virtual reality) headsets which are attached to each other via a six-foot long rigid sculpture. As the two viewers move through both physical and virtual space, they direct and influence each other, via the structure that unites them.


Pedro Veneroso – Tempo: cor – Brazil
‘Tempo:cor’ converts time into color and immerses the visitor in a spatial experience of time, provoking us to question the codes and notations that we believe to be axiomatic and to experiment with time as a moderator of our spatial experience.


Witaya Junma – Into the Wind – Thailand
‘Into the Wind’ consists of one installation. It is an interpretation of blowing bubbles. The shapes and forms of the bubbles are varied depending on how the viewer blows. ‘Into the Wind’ is designed to mimic nature, turning breath into wind by computer programming. The wind then activates and moves parts of the mechanism and the results are different every time, making each interaction unique.


Sam Twidale & Marija Avramovic – Sunshowers – Serbia & France
‘Sunshowers’ is inspired by the opening chapter of Akira Kurosawa’s film Dreams. This piece explores ideas of animism and techno-animism by assigning life in the form of artificial intelligence to all of the objects, both natural and man-made, within the virtual world. The piece unfolds in real time with the characters themselves deciding which paths they will follow.


Rino Stefano Tagliafierro – The Last Supper Alive – Italy
A journey inside one of the most fascinating frescoes in art history: Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’. Made to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, ‘The Last Supper Alive’ is an emotional tale in which the characters in the fresco come to life and move in a soft and elegant way. Their gestures are emphasized and are shown just before and after the moment captured by da Vinci. The room into which the characters are inserted is also a central part of the work, its geometry and solemnity projecting the viewer’s imagination inside the painting.


Interactive Media Foundation & Filmtank, co-created with Artificial Rome – Das Totale Tanz Theater – Germany
The Virtual Reality Dance Experience ‘Das Totale Tanz Theater’ explores the relationship of man and machine in the age of digitalization and artificial intelligence. Together with a “Tanzmaschine” users pass through a phenomenal stage construction over three levels in a constantly evolving choreography, always accompanied by the question of the extent of the scope of their influence on the surroundings.
Inspired by the stage experiments of Oskar Schlemmer and Walter Gropius at the Bauhaus, with choreography by Richard Siegal.


Interactive Media Foundation & Filmtank, co-created with Artificial Rome – Inside Tumucumaque –Germany
The Interactive Virtual Reality Experience ‘Inside Tumucumaque’ takes you to one of the world’s largest protected rainforest areas, located in the north of Brazil. It offers 400 hectares of virtual Brazilian rainforest ready to be explored from the perspective of the animals living there. Turn into wildlife and discover the magical world of Tumucumaque!


Marc Lee – Me, Myself & I – Switzerland
The digital age illustrates that we often see ourselves as the centre of the world rather than being part of society. With ‘Me, Myself & I’, the user floats virtually in self-absorbed ego-relationship above an urban cityscape and turns into an egocentric super star with no room left for altruism.


Nicolás Alcalá – Melita – Spain
An animated real-time VR (Virtual Reality) short film about Anaaya, a brilliant scientist working to find a new planet for humanity while the world that we know dies slowly due to extreme climate change; and Melita, an AI designed to help her on her herculean task. This is the first part of a much bigger tale, that will take us into Melita’s journey to find Aurora, the next cradle for humanity.


Robin Baumgarten – Line Wobbler – Germany
‘Line Wobbler’ is a one-dimensional game with a custom controller made out of a steel spring and a five-metre long LED strip display. The entire game runs on an Arduino, with sound, particle effects and 120+fps. ‘Line Wobbler’ is an award-winning experiment in minimalism in game design, making use of novel input mechanics, retrosound, and the incorporation of physical architectural space into the game.


Ricardo Barreto & Raquel Fukuda – Chess Auto-Creative – Brazil
Through ‘Chess Auto-Creative (CHEAC)’, people will be able to find, select and develop new games and new moves.



1. Adam Arthouros Martinakis – The Imagination of the Unborn Adult – Polônia
2. Adam Arthouros Martinakis – Watching You – Polônia
3. Aggie Pak Yee Lee – Muteum – Estônia & Hong Kong
4. Alessandro Amaducci – Fear of Me – Itália
5. Alice Saey & Mark Lotterman – Happy – França
6. Alois Di Leo – The boy who wanted to be a Lion – Peru
7. Alois Di Leo – Way of Giants – Peru
8. Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara – A Love Story – Reino Unido
9. Baron Lanteigne – Oxygen (Anthologie) – Reino Unido & Canadá
10. Boris Labbé – La Chute – Espanha
11. Duo Silicium: Carl Emil Carlsen & Bjørn (Svin) Christiansen – Silicium 02 – Dinamarca
12. Chris Coleman – Secure Shell Copy – Estados Unidos
13. claRa apaRicio yoldi – Phoebus – Espanha
14. Daniel Šuljić – Transparency – Croácia
15. David Dell’Edera – Balcony – Hungria
16. David Prosser – Matter Fisher – Reino Unido
17. Dirk Koy & Bild und Bewegung – Luftraum – Suíça
18. Elaine Hoey – Animated Positions – Irlanda
19. Emanuele Kabu – Aperture – Itália
20. Emma Vakarelova – I have Dreamed of You so Much – Bulgária
21. Faiyaz Jafri – Supersad – Estados Unidos
22. Francesca Fini – Skinned – Itália
23. Gaëtan Borde, Benjamin Lebourgeois, Claire Vandermeersh, Alexandre Veaux & Mengjing Yang – The Legend of the Crabe-Phare – França
24. Ged Sia – Running Lights – Lituânia
25. Hornet Studio: Natalie Labarre – Me Too “Daniela” – Estados Unidos
26. Jeanette Nørgaard – DIM – Dinamarca
27. Jeanette Nørgaard – Hund I Himlen – Dinamarca
28. Jennifer Zheng – Tough – Reino Unido
29. John Butler – Timewindow – Reino Unido
30. John Butler – Xerox’s Paradox – Reino Unido
31. Jonathan Monaghan – Rainbow Narcosis – Estados Unidos
32. Juan Pablo Machado – Rapunzel – França
33. Kara Gut – Wayshrines I, II & III (An avatar Manifesto) – Estados Unidos
34. Katarina Lundquist – Forglemmegei – Dinamarca
35. Kim Laughton – Parking – China
36. Kim Strandli – Monachopsis – Dinamarca
37. Laura Leppert – Engine – Alemanha
38. Marco Wey – Abismo – Brasil
39. Marharita Tsikhanovich – Sea – Bielorrússia
40. Matthew Williamson – All Good Memes go to Heaven – Canadá
41. Max Cooper & Vincent Houzé – Seed – Reino Unido & França
42. Maxim Zhestkov – Layers – Rússia
43. Merlin Flügel – ECHO – Alemanha
44. Merlin Flügel – How To Disappear – Alemanha
45. Michele Del Prete, Stefano Delle Monache & Igor Imhoff – Anafora – Itália 46. Min Liu – Bloody Diary – Taiwan
47. Min Liu – Wide Awake – Taiwan
48. Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke – The 3D Additivist Manifesto – Estados Unidos & Reino Unido
49. Nathan Jurevicius – Junction – Lituânia, Canadá & Austrália
50. Nienke Deutz – Bloeistraat 11 – Holanda
51. Nikita Diakur & Redbear Easterman – Ugly – Alemanha
52. Peter Burr – Autumn – Estados Unidos
53. Raman Djafari – FJAAK: Snow – Alemanha
54. Raman Djafari – Viajante : Magnetism – Alemanha
55. Raven Kwok & Mike Gao – Zero One – Estados Unidos
56. Romane Granger – Billie Bodega: Ocean Blues teaser #2 – França
57. Romane Granger – Utsukushiki Tennen – França
58. Ryoya Usuha – Open a Manhole Cover while Walking – Japão
59. Saad Moosajee, Danae Gosset & Art Camp – Mitski: A Pearl – Estados Unidos
60. Sam Twidale & Marija Avramovic – After Party – Sérvia & França
61. Samuel Fouracre – D.^^.$.®. (Dance.Music.Sex.Romance) – Reino Unido
62. Sebastian Gatz – Aurora – Dinamarca
63. Silvia De Gennaro – Travel Notebooks: Marseille, France – Itália
64. Simon Boucly, Mélanie Lopez, Marie Ciesielski, Alice Jaunet, Chan Stéphie Peang & Béatrice Viguier – The Stained Club – França
65. Simon Christoph Krenn – Parasitic Endeavors – Áustria
66. Sofia Pashaei – Desert – Dinamarca
67. Studio ANF: Andreas Nicolas Fischer – Schwarm 2k18 01 – Alemanha
68. Studio Giant Ant – The Game That Never Was – Canadá
69. Studio Nerdo – Relationshapes – Itália
70. Studio Ural Cinema: Anastasia Melikhova – The First Thunder – Rússia
71. Susanne Wiegner – Abysm – Alemanha
72. Susanne Wiegner – Melting Fields – Alemanha
73. Susanne Wiegner – Sunrise – Alemanha
74. Swim Club: Fredrik Lund-Hansen – Time Flies – Suécia
75. Tzu-Hsin (Cindy) Yang – Noon – Taiwan
76. Veneta Androva – Oasis – Bulgária
77. Zorobabel – Luna Park – Bélgica



1. ARCAAN Collective: Jeremy Oury & Antoine Briot – Immersive – França
2. Brandon Morse – In This Convex Hull – Estados Unidos
3. Carmen Gil Vrolijk & Camilo Giraldo Angel – Hybris – Colômbia
4. David Carson & Collin Poter – Synaesthesis – Austrália
5. Diana Reichenbach – Infinite Horizons – Estados Unidos
6. Erdal Inci – Circular Echo – Turquia
7. Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins & Likuid Art – Where Am I – Estados Unidos
8. Jeremy Oury – Skylark – França
9. Karl Baumann, Lauren Fenton & Nicolette Daskalakis – Exospace – Estados Unidos
10. Kelley Bell – Babel – Estados Unidos
11. Robert Becker – Die Wundertrommel – Alemanha
12. Sandrine Deumier – Realness: Cloud and Dust – França
13. VOID – BioInspire – Turquia



Artifact 5 – Anamorphine – Canadá
Dream Reality Interactive & Rebellion Developments – Arca’s Path – Reino Unido