Call for Submissions - Dyscorpia 2:1

Dates or Deadline: 
22 May 2020 to 5 June 2020
Marilene Oliver

This time last year the Enterprise Square Galleries were full of artworks we could see, hear and smell. The galleries were cold, dark and noisy. When we viewed the artworks in the Dyscorpia exhibition, we did so with others - we were seen looking, contemplating in our bodies, in real time and real space. 

This year due to COVID the planned catalogue launch and pop up exhibition was postponed at the last minute and now the cavernous half installed art galleries sit locked up in complete blackness. The postponement will no doubt transform itself to a cancellation (even if society leaders encourage us to open) and so as with almost every aspect of our lives we propose zooming across to an online realm with a virtual exhibition and event hosted on the Dyscorpia website and social media platforms.

We invite artists to create artworks that reconsider the relationship between the body and technology during a global pandemic. We invite artists to squeeze, shift constrain or release their practice so that it can exist and spread online. There are so many new pressing realities we need artists to help us envision and come to terms with: Does what happens outside of the zoom eye count? Why does coronavirus like meat packing sites so much? What does it mean to live with an invisible danger that we ourselves may unknowingly pass on to others? How do we navigate so much conflicting and contradictory information? This time last year we couldn’t have imagined even asking these questions... 

Artworks will be showcased in a series of online galleries that will also serve as an exciting opportunity to interrogate the digital form: 

Gallery 1 Stilled Digital (hosted on Dyscorpia website) Gallery 2 Animated Digital (hosted on Dyscorpia website/vimeo) Gallery 3 Interactive Digital (hosted on Dyscorpia website/vimeo) Gallery 4 3D Digital (hosted on Dyscorpia website/SketchFab) Gallery 5 Live Digital (hosted on Dyscorpia Facebook, Instagram and Zoom) curated by Stephanie Patsula 

Dyscorpia 2:1 will be launched over 2 days from June 18th – June 19th with a series of live performance events, online presentations and discussions and then, wait for it – a live celebration virtual music and dance event: 

Thursday June 18th Launch of Stilled Digital and Animated Digital Galleries

Thursday June 18th 6-8pm MST Live mediated performance

Friday June 19th Launch of Interactive Digital and 3D Digital

Friday June 19th 2-4pm MST– Dyscorpia 2:1 Online Symposium

Friday June 19th 6-8pm MST - Live mediated performance

Friday 19th – 8-10pm MST - Virtual sound and dance event 


To be part of Dyscorpia 2.1, please email Marilène Oliver ( by 25th May to express interest with the deadline for final submissions of files by 5th June. Files can be shared over email. 

Images (jpeg, RGB, no larger than 4MB) 

Videos (youtube/vimeo link or a video file using vimeo formats) 


Live performance – performance score, duration and preferred platform (Instagram Live, Facebook Live or Zoom).