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Call for Submissions: Balance Unbalance 2018 International Conference

Dates or Deadline: 
26 March 2018
The Netherlands
Balance Unbalance 2018 New Value Systems

Sustainability and social impact as drivers for value creation


Balance-Unbalance (BunB) is an annual International Conference designed around art and design as catalysts to explore intersections between nature, science, technology and society. Every year, the focus is on one or more major current challenges surrounding the ecological crisis and discipline-transcending cooperation.


BunB 2018 New Value Systems will be hosted September 20th and 21st 2018 by The Patching Zone, the City of Schiedam and partners in Schiedam, The Netherlands.


The Balance-Unbalance conference brings together artists, designers, scientists, economists, philosophers, politicians, policymakers, sociologists, entrepreneurs and technologists from the world, based on the conviction that greater ecological awareness can be created through joint efforts. The conference focuses on debate, new insights and finding innovative solutions for issues arising from the global climate crisis.


The 2018 theme revolves around New Value Systems. We specifically think of sustainability and social impact as important value indicators. Of course we will also reflect on the practical, economic and philosophical issues that such new value systems entail. As practical applications one can think of sustainable retail innovation; social value creation and revitalization of cities; revenue models for creative place makers; the ecological aspects of cryptocurrencies and how to interface new value systems with the current monetary system.   





Balance Unbalance

 “We are living in a world reaching a critical point where the equilibrium between a healthy environment, the energy our society needs to maintain or improve this lifestyle and the interconnected economies could pass more quickly than expected from the current complex balance to a complete new reality where unbalance would be the rule and human beings would need to be as creative as never before to survive. Environmental problems, economic uncertainty and political complexity have been around for a long time. What was different before was the speed and depth of transformations compared with today’s sudden changes. The frequent occurrence and severity that certain weather and climate-related events are having around us is increasing, and the ability of human beings on modifying adjacent surroundings as well as distant places have turn into a power capable of altering the planet […] The arts could play a major part in helping the global society to understand the magnitude of the crisis we are facing, and in promoting the awareness around environmental matters. it could also be a very good vehicle to disseminate proposals able produce changes in our behavior and decisions, influencing our chances for the future. Artists could promote inter and transdisciplinary actions focusing on our responsibility regarding the turning point we are living in defining the future of -human- life on Earth.”

(Dr. Ricardo Dal Farra, Balance-Unbalance founder).





We encourage interested professionals, scholars, citizens, scientists, artists and designers to submit proposals for papers, workshops, panels and small-scale works of art or performances.


We are looking for local, national and international partners and sponsors, if you want to join Balance Unbalance 2018 with your company or as a citizens’ initiative feel free to send us your proposition (in Dutch or English)





Deadline proposal submissions: March 26th, 2018

Publication of jury decisions: beginning of June, 2018

Conference dates: September 20 & 21, 2018





Balance Unbalance 2018 will be hosted by The Patching Zone, a trans-disciplinary R&D medialaboratory based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  In our laboratories professionals work together with students and young professionals on (social) innovation projects.  The Patching Zone works according to a trans-disciplinary project approach where participants cross over the boundaries of their discipline and co-create holistic perspectives on complex issues. Our creative teams work towards a shared solution, whilst all collaborators bring along their own expertise, interests and/or ambitions.