Call for Abstracts for the The American Geophysical Union Conference

Dates or Deadline: 
2 August 2017
New Orleans
United States

Leonardo and The American Geophysical Union (AGU) welcome calls for abstracts for the AGU conference 11-15 December 2017 in New Orleans, LA.  This is a list of sessions relating to art and science - including arts, design, and visualization. It is one of the largest Earth and space sciences scientific conferences in the world.  This year, there is an unprecedented number of technical sessions addressing the intersection of the arts and science.

Below is a list of sessions relating to art and science - including arts, design, and visualization.  Please distribute this to your friends and colleagues and urge people to submit proposals.  Conveners names are on the AGU page for each session.  PA012 Explore and communicate through data-driven collaborations across, art, design and geoscience(link is external) PA007 Climate Literacy: The Arts as an Ally in Understanding Earth and Invoking Change(link is external) PA014 Immersive and Engaging Experiences in the Geosciences (e-Lightning only)(link is external) This session will only be in eLightning format, an exciting new format that allows interactive, multimedia, electronic presentations and in-depth discussions PA016 Music and the Geosciences(link is external) IN022 Data Visualization Technologies in Earth and Space Sciences(link is external) IN034 Immersive Visualization Technologies for Earth Science Applications(link is external)  

ED040 The Up-Goer Five Challenge: Explaining your science one ten-hundredth at a time(link is external)   ED022 Fighting for Science: Methods to Engage the Public in Productive Discussion about Science(link is external)  ED037 Sympathy for the Data: Novel approaches and advances in the art of data visualization(link is external) ED039 The Role of the Arts in Geoscience Teaching and Learning