Artificial Natures Symposium // Venice Biennale May 2018 | Leonardo/ISAST

Artificial Natures Symposium // Venice Biennale May 2018

Dates or Deadline: 
27 May 2018 to 28 May 2018
Organized by: 
Ideal Spaces
Hannah Whittaker

Venice Biennale for Architecture, 2018

27 – 28 May 2018

Palazzo Rossini, Venice, Italy

Artificial Natures

The topic for this year’s symposium is Artificial Natures, ranging from classical ones, such as parks and ideal cities, to garden cities, to new “natural “ environments like social media spaces as new public place. The symposium will take place as a combination of short panels and work groups. The general questions are:

  • What are artificial natures (AN)
  • Why they are so important today
  • What has been the history = development of these natures, and why
  • What have been the common intentions of the approaches
  • Which forms are emerging today, leaving all “naturality” behind them
  • What chances AN are offering – for whom, in which directions

The symposium is free to attend but registration is required.

For further information and link to registration please follow the link:

Ideal Spaces Working Group

Ideal Spaces is an art and research working group focused on the shaping of contemporary living spaces. Drawing from historical and technological research, the group composed of cultural theorists, digital engineers and artists develops interactive exhibitions and platforms of exchange. These activities are aimed at proposing mechanisms to generate ideal spaces, rather than the design of actual, physical space. Thus, we are not only concerned with architecture, but also with processes of collective social dreaming and shared imagination.