Liliana Albertazzi

Liliana Albertazzi is author of 5 books, and more than 100 publications in Italian/Foreign journals or in collected works. She edited 18 books (one more forthcoming) (see Main fields of interest are: theory of representation, Gestalt psychology, art, theory of cognitive space and time, philosophy of psychology, cognitive semantics. Teaching: Courses in ‘Philosophy and Theory of Languages’, and in ‘Semiotics of Visual Representation’ at the Faculty of Cognitive Science and at the Phd School in Cognitive Science in Rovereto. She is Associate Professor at Trento University, Faculty of Cognitive Science, Rovereto Branch; Member of the Department of Cognition and Education Science, Trento University, Rovereto Branch; and member of Direction of Mitteleuropa Foundation (; Advisory Board of Axiomathes (Springer); Advisory Board of Brentano Studien Advisory Board of Meinong Studies/Meinong Studien; Advisory Board of Polish Journal of Philosophy; ICLA - International Cognitive Linguistics Association; COGSCI – International Cognitive Science Association; and AISC - Società Italiana di Scienze Cognitive.
Publications: Immanent Realism, Springer, New York 2005. Editor of: Shapes of Form. From Gestalt psychology to Phenomenology, Ontology and Mathematics, Kluwer 1998; Meaning and Cognition: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Benjamins 2000; The Dawn of Cognitive Science. Early European Contributors, Kluwer 2001; Unfolding Perceptual Continua, Benjamins 2001; The School of Alexius Meinong, Ashgate 2001 (with D. Jacquette and R. Poli); Visual Thought: The Depictive Space of Perception, Benjamins 2006; and Cognitive Aspects of Bilingualism, Springer 2007 (with I. Kesckes).

Università degli Studi di Trento
Rovereto, Italy