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Julio Bermúdez

Julio Bermudez has been teaching architectural design for over 13 years at different institutions of higher education in the U.S. and Argentina: the Universidad Catòlica de Santa Fe in Argentina, the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Argentina, the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and currently the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He holds a Master's in Architecture and a Ph.D. in Education degrees from the University of Minnesota. Professor Bermudez is a registered architect in Argentina where he has received several design awards.
Professor Bermudez is interested in the role of digital media in architectural design and theory (e.g. virtual environments, design process, representation and pedagogy) as well as the impact of 3D design in spatial visualization of complex information (e.g., communication of databases in real time) . Dr. Bermudez has presented and published work on this area in over 30 conferences in the US, Canada, Germany, Denmark, the UK, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. His latest design work related to virtuality has been exhibited in the US, Canada, Italy and the UK. Professor Bermudez is also the author of Visualize!, an electronic courseware that teaches how to visualize and represent space and form.
He has been teaching graduate seminars and design studios on digital media since 1992. In the past 4 years, he has been directing graduate design studios exploring the relationship between analog and digital media and its impact in architectural thought and making. These studios have been offered at several US and Argentinean schools of architecture.