Ms. Annick Bureaud

Annick Bureaud is an independent art critic, curator and event organiser in art and technosciences. She is the director of Leonardo/Olats (, European sister organisation to Leonardo/Isast (
She wrote numerous articles and contribute to the French contemporary art magazine Art Press. She is the co-editor of the collection of essays Connexions : art, réseaux, media (Ensba Press, 2002) and the author of Les Basiques : l’art « multimédia », introductory book to new media art (Leonardo/Olats, 2004).
She organised many symposia, conferences and workshops among which Artmedia VIII: From Aesthetics of Communication to Net Art, Paris, 2002 and Visibility – Legibility of Space Art. Art and Zero Gravity: The Experience of Parabolic Flight, projet in collaboration between Leonardo/Olats and the International Festival @rt Outsiders, Paris, 2003 ;  BIO ART – BIO DESIGN, enjeux culturels et sociétaux de la biologie de synthèse, 6 mars 2014, in the framework of the EU Leonardo/Olats StudioLab project, in collaboration with Décalab ; Leonardo/Olats LASER Paris meetings in collaboration with La Diagonale Paris-Saclay.
In 2009, she co-curated the exhibition (Un)Inhabitable? Art of Extreme Environments, Festival @rt Outsiders, MEP/European House of Photography, Paris. In 2012, she was the curator of the work Tales of a Sea Cow by Etienne de France at the PAV in Torino, Italy. In  2018, is the curator of the exhibition Neotenous Dark Dwellers (Lygophilia) by Robertina Sebjanič at Osmo/za, Ljubljana  and of Raccommoder le tissu du monde, Rencontres Bandits-Mages in Bourges. In 2020, she launched The Traveling Plant project.
She taught in several art schools and universities in France (Aix-en-Provence art school, Eesi – European School of Visual Arts, Poitiers) and abroad (she has been guest lecturer at the School of the Art Institute Chicago/SAIC in 1999 and at the University of Quebec in Montreal/UQAM in 2001).

Paris, France
Focus area: Net Art, Web Art, Analog, Digital, Art History, Theory, Philosophy, Space, Astronomy, Biology, Bio Art, Bio Engineering, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Telepresence