Linda Candy

I am a writer and researcher who lives and works in the UK and Australia and is a Visiting Professor at Sheffield Hallam University. I have published many articles on practice-based research in art, technology and science and am currently writing a book on creative reflective practice to be published by Routledge. Recent books include 'Interacting: Art, Research and the Creative Practitioner' and Interactive Experience in the Digital Age: Evaluating New Art Practice. My writing draws upon the experiences of creative practitioners working with new technologies and my mission is to give a stronger voice to practitioners in general. SI was co-founder of the ACM SIGCHI Creativity and Cognition conference series and am on the editorial board of the Journal of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education and the International Journal on Design Creativity and Innovation. I have guest edited several special issues in Leonardo journal, Design Studies, Co-Design and the International Journal of Human Computer Interaction.I was formerly principal scientist for COSTART: 'Studies of Computer Support for Creative Work: Artists and Technologists in Collaboration' a ground breaking project which investigated the role of collaboration between artists and technologists and was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK. In May 2003, I took up a research position in the Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition, the University of Sydney, where I was research manager for the CRC Construction Innovation project, Team Collaboration in High Bandwidth Virtual Environments. I have written over 100 papers and articles about the creative process, the role of computers and the methodologies for investigating these areas of research. 

Visiting Professor
Sheffield Hallam University
Hathersage, United Kingdom
Focus area: Art History, Theory, Philosophy, Psychology, Cognitive Studies