Cat Hope

Cat Hope is a  composer, performer, songwriter, noise artist and researcher. She is a flautist and experimental bassist who plays as a soloist and as part of other groups. She is the director of and performer in Decibel: a group focused on Australian repertoire, the nexus of electronic and acoustic instruments and animated score realisations, which led to her being awarded the the APRA|AMC Award for Excellence in Experimental Music in 2011 and 2014. She has been a resident at the Peggy Glanville Hicks composers house, as well as a Civitella Ranieri, Visby International Centre for Composers and Churchill Fellow. Her work has been discussed in books such as Loading the Silence (Kouvaris, 2013), Women of Note (Appleby, 2012), Sounding Postmodernism (Bennett, 2011) as well as periodicals such as The Wire, Limelight, Neu Zeitschrift Fur Musik Shaft and Gramophone Magazine, who called her "one of Australia’s most exciting and individual creative voices." Her works have been recorded for Australian, German and Austrian national radio, and her 2017 monograph CD on Swiss label Hat Hut won the German Record Critics prize. An advocate for Australian music and gender diversity, she is also the co-author of Digital Art – An Introduction to New Media (Bloomsbury) and Professor of Music at Monash University.

Edith Cowan University
Mt Lawley, Australia
Focus area: Sound, Music