Florence Martellini

Florence Martellini's professional expertise lies in building and managing in a wide variety of sectors complex projects and partnerships, research studies and funding administration across Europe. This experience has involved managing international teams virtual and face-to-face, organising and delivering high profile projects and working with people from all walks of life, backgrounds and professional levels.
In addition, building on her Master in fine art thesis, she is interrogating what visual art can tell us about human consciousness in an intercultural perspective, starting with the hypothesis that 1) consciousness, as a neurological determinant, is a microevolution and responds contingently; 2) art is the mirror of consciousness.
She is a Member of the Leonardo Reviews Panel and a Director on the board of Ballet Cymru, a very innovative and forward looking Welsh ballet company. In parallel to pursuing her research project and to inform it, she continues managing projects/partnerships, which involve artists, designers and their agents on an international scale.

United Kingdom