Martha Wilson

Performance artist Martha Wilson is Founding Director of Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., a museum she established in her TriBeCa storefront loft in lower Manhattan which, since its inception in 1976, has presented and preserved temporal art: artists' books and other multiples produced internationally after 1960; temporary installations; and performance art. Franklin Furnace "went virtual" on its 20th anniversary, taking the Internet as its art medium and public venue to give artists the freedom of expression they had enjoyed in the loft in the 70s. Ms. Wilson lectures widely on the book as an art form, on performance art, and on "live art on the Internet. She is Guest Editor of Leonardo for articles concerning live art and science on the Internet, and author of "What Franklin Furnace Learned from Presenting and Producing Live Art on the Internet, 1996 till Now" in Vol 38 No. 3.