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Christine Black

The Land is the Source of Law (Routledge, 2010) is her first book. Though a relatively "new" field, indigenous jurisprudence is the product of the oldest continuous legal system in the world. Utilising a range of texts - films, novels, poetry, as well as "law stories" The book blends legality and narrative in order to redefine jurisprudence in indigenous terms.
Her next book will be entitled Narrative Law and Bio-policing. She is also completing a book of poetry entitled So Very Different from Us.
Another project she is working on relates to a series of small humorous inspirational books which are co-authored with G.C. Donovan. The first of the series is Possum Advice with Spice (http://possum-inspiration.com/). This will be followed by Possum Advice on Personality Types.Contact details: Glenda Donovan, .PossumAdv@gmail.com

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