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Bruno Bossis

Born in France, Bruno Bossis began as a teacher of digital transmissions in telecommunications. After completing scientific studies, he passed the “Agrégation” and earned a PhD in musicology from Paris-Sorbonne University. He is currently a lecturer in analysis, electroacoustic and musicology at Rennes University. He is also a part-time lecturer and permanent researcher at Paris-Sorbonne University (OMF/MINT lab). Bruno Bossis has collaborated or collaborates with UNESCO, CCMIX, GRM and Ircam. He is the author of many papers on electroacoustic music. His book La voix et la machine, la vocalité artificielle dans la musique contemporaine (The Voice and the Machine: Artificial Vocality in Contemporary Music) was published in 2005 (PUR, col. Æsthetica, Rennes).