Bhavani Esapathi

Bhavani is a Writer, Creator & Social Tech Activist focussed on Autoimmune Diseases & their wider socio-economical impact. Much of her work centers around enabling patient-led technologies to help those living with chronic, incurable, invisible diseases a better life. She draws from her own experiences of living with multiple Autoimmune Diseases and the intricate ways it has shaped her life & wider social network. Her initiative The Invisible Labs has grown into a worldwide network of patients collectively producing tools that support numerous chronic diseases. Her most recent works involve a multi-dimensional sculptural work unravelling the workings of an IBD gut and exploring the political impact on healthcare for immigrants specifically pertaining to immigrants. She is also the elected London representative for Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce or RSA's Fellowship Council since 2015 and regularly gives her time to mentor creative startups, lecture at universities & contribute to conferences and festivals. Previously, she has worked with The British Council, held Academic Co-Directorship position for MOOC at The Goethe-Institut, won the WIRED Creative Hack Award in Tokyo, Japan and continues to encourage invitations from artists, medical professionals & patients to collaborate with. 

Founder & Director
The Invisible Labs
London, United Kingdom
Focus area: Digital, Art History, Theory, Philosophy, Body, Anatomy, Self, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Design, Medicine, Wellness, Heath, Writing, Literature, Poetry, Culture, Sociology