Ari Frankel

Frankel writes, composes and produces operas, chamber and electroacoustic works, dance/theater scores, studio recordings, streams, and site-specific installations. His explorations have included The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, T.S. Eliot, Anne Sexton, Primo Levi, Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett, Francis Bacon and Ezra Pound. Collaborators have included Muna Tseng, LaMama, The Actors Studio, The Atlantic Theater, John Kelly, Fiona Shaw, Tai Dang, Rina Schenfeld, William H. Macy, and Andreas Scholl. Frankel has also worked in film, television and sound design. His Neverland work with Suzanne Ciani was nominated for a Grammy award. He has written and taught an Audio for New Media course at Emerson College and Advanced Interactive Sound at Northeastern University. The New York Times described his Head Games as a "haunting collage of sounds, original and popular music." The Glasgow Herald felt "true passion" in Spirit Ruins and The London Times marveled at "light seeming materials build[ing] an overwhelming effect." The Village Voice explained SHATTERED, hymns for mortal creatures' "emotionally charged original music" as "wonderfully poignant and plangent."

New York, United States