Richard Lowenberg

Richard Lowenberg has spent over 50 years creatively integrating understanding and grounded
involvements in non-profit organizational development, architecture, environmental/ecosystems
design, rural community and networked society planning, arts/sciences programs, new-media,
performance and eco-arts practices. He has dedicated his creative life to understandings and
creative realization of works exploring and setting examples for an ‘ecology of the information
environment’, and the resulting opportunities for grounded development of a ‘cultural economy’.

1st-Mile Institute
Santa Fe, United States
Focus area: Sound, Music, Net Art, Web Art, Analogue, Digital, Architecture, Urban Planning, Built Environment, Biology, Bio Art, Bio Engineering, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Design, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Holography, Physics, Surveillance, Security, Public Art, Placemaking, Site Specific, Video, Film, Systems, Writing, Literature, Poetry, Performance Art, Theater, Dance, Choreography, Telepresence, Culture, Sociology