Lydia Nakashima Degarrod

Lydia Nakashima Degarrod, Ph.D., is both a cultural anthropologist and a visual artist. Her anthropological research has concentrated on dreams and art based ethnographies. She has conducted extensive research and published on dream interpretation and shamanism among the Mapuche of Chile. Currently, she is studying narratives of memorable dreams among residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. For her research, she has received grants from the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research, Tinker Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. She has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Commonwealth Center for Literary and Cultural Change at the University of Virginia, and a Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religions at Harvard University and a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Lydia has also been a pioneer in incorporating visual art as an integral component of the ethnographic research, and she has created installations that blur the line between art and ethnography. She has created works that explore the beauty of dreams of heaven among the Mapuche (Harvard University 1997-98), miracles at the sites of unjust deaths in the streets of Santiago, Chile (UC Berkeley 2000-02), the interactions of people with birds at Lake Merritt (2005-6), and the internal images of exile (California College of the Arts 2007-8). Her current work, Atlas of Dreams, unveils the invisible presence of dreams in the urban context through maps and sound recordings. For her artwork, she has received grants and awards from the California Council for the Humanities, Ministry of Culture of Chile, Saint John's University and the Wing Luke Memorial Museum. She has been an artist in residence at California State University at Chico, de Young Museum of Art, and the Center for Art and Public Life at California College of the Arts. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibits in art galleries, and art and anthropological museums in the United States and abroad.

Anthropologist/Visual Artist
Oakland, United States