Michael Koehle

Michael’s practice is grounded in research and development. He creates complex processes for making art, inspired by his work as a scientist and engineer. These processes derive from particle physics, optics, coding, linear algebra, or medical imaging. The pieces are made using a combination digital fabrication and handwork. Michael’s current body of work in an investigation of water and is a proxy for understanding the effects of climate change. Michael received his BA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley, his MS in Biomedical Engineering from UC Davis, and his MFA in Studio Art from Mills College. He worked as a biomechanical engineer for 7 years, researching and developing prosthetic instruments. He is a patent holder and has had his research published in academic journals. As an artist, he has been awarded the Murphy Cadogan award, the Headlands Center for the Arts Graduate Fellowship, and an artist in residency with Autodesk. He currently works at Autodesk (part-time) as a CNC Specialist, and with Capital One, as a Data Visualization Researcher.

Biomedical Engineer
Oakland, United States