Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro

Art&Tech researcher, curator and multimedia artist. I have some nice experiences as project manager in the interaction design and digital art field, and that why I am always hustling. Currently I am collaborating with different teams worldwide on digital design and art field, including ARTIVIVE app, ZOAN studio, OVNI Studio, LILO.Zone, Boston Cyberarts, Digaaí Association (and others). To understand what I do and how I do, I invite you to understand my passions from three fields: digital art, academic research and education. 
I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo, with research on the City as a Museological Interface. Master in Visual Arts by the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts (PPGART / UFSM), Bachelor in Drawing and Plastic, Federal University of Santa Maria in the south of Brazil. // Research focused on the use of Mixed Reality in the exhibition media. Component of: Other Urbanisms Lab and  "Aesthetics of Memory in the XXI Century" (FAUUSP) Research Group; LABART - Research Laboratory in Contemporary Art, Technology and Digital Media and Research Group Art and Technology (University of Santa Maria).

PhD researcher
University of Sao Paulo
Focus area: Net Art, Web Art, Digital, Art History, Theory, Philosophy, Architecture, Urban Planning, Built Environment, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Computer Science, Code, Data, Design, Surveillance, Security, Public Art, Placemaking, Site Specific, Culture, Sociology