Nigel Helyer

Dr Nigel Helyer (aka DrSonique) is a contemporary polymath whose work links Art and Science, and embraces the environment; identity and cultural history. He has an international reputation as a sculptor and sound-artist who creates large scale sound-sculptures, environmental artworks and inter-active projects that prompt the community to engage with their cultural histories, identity and sense of place; inviting us to examine the abstract conditions of our world and our complex relationships to it.
His practice is interdisciplinary and collaborative,focussing on the areas of Art and Science, Environmental-Art and Bio-Arts, creating projects such as GeneMusiK, a prototype DNA/Music remixing system; Host a sonic installation with live insects that has toured internationally. Nigel was the Artistic Director of the infamous LifeBoat bio-art project and co-founder of the SoundCulture producing major international sound-art festivals in the AsiaPacific -1991~2012.
Nigel ’s R&D work in augmented audio-reality with Lake Technology the Creative the Audio-Nomad Research Group, resulted in a series international patents and major immersive sound exhibitions. 
He is a leader experimenting in the creative sonification of biodata creating cultural and environmental audioportraits: VoxAura, the River is Singing, European Capital of Culture Turku 2011; CrayVox, Spaced Biennale 2012; When Science meets Art, at the Bundanon Trust 2014/8; and Under the Icecap, a collaboration with the University of Tasmania that sonifies bio-data collected by Seals in the Antarctic.. 
A recent collaborative project, Nomanslanding, creates an immersive multi-channel, floating acoustic-architecture. With x20 channel audio composition and live singers. The work has been exhibited in Sydney; at the Ruhr Triennale (2015) and Glasgow (2017).
This year he realised Oratorio for a Million Souls, a series of bee listening spaces in three botanical gardens (Leeuwarden the European Capital of Culture).

SonicObjects SonicArchiteture
Rushcutters Bay, Australia
Focus area: Sound, Music, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Sculpture, Spacial, Biology, Bio Art, Bio Engineering, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Locative, Mapping, GPS, Public Art, Placemaking, Site Specific, Writing, Literature, Poetry