Jon McCormack

Jon McCormack is an Australian artist and artificial-life researcher. He is one of a unique group who develop computer software as their principle artistic practice. He has worked in a variety of media, including interactive installation, virtual reality, film, video and sound. Many of his works combine research in artificial life and computer science with artistic investigations into evolution and natural and computational aesthetics. Works such as ENS (1989), Turbulence (1994) and Eden (2000-2006) have been widely exhibited throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. His awards include: Images du Future (Canada), New Voices New Visions award for New Media (sponsored by Interval Research and the Voyager Company, USA), Alias|Wavefront Award for computer animation art (USA), New Media Arts Fellowship (Australia Council for the Arts), Prix Ars Electronica (Austria) and VIDA/Life 4.0 honorary mention (Spain) and the John Lansdown Prize for Interactive Digital Art (UK/Austria).
McCormack holds an honors degree in computer science and applied mathematics from Monash University, a Graduate Diploma of Art from Swinburne University and a Ph.D. in computer science from Monash University. He is currently Associate Professor in computer science and co-director of the Centre for Electronic Media Art at Monash University in Melbourne.
His research contributions include new methods for aesthetic evolution of L-system grammars, applications of grammars and developmental models in computer animation and generative music composition, interactive artificial life models, new methods for rendering convolution surfaces (with Andrei Sherstyuk) contributions to the theory of generative and artificial life art, and evolutionary approaches to creativity. In 1999 he instigated the "Iteration" series of international conferences on generative art, which he co-organized with Alan Dorin.
The artist's monograph "Impossible Nature: The Art of Jon McCormack" was published by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in 2005.

SensiLab at Monash University
Caulfield East, Australia