Kenneth Fields

Ken Fields engaged in interdisciplinary studies across multiple departments (art, music, linguistics, computer and cognitive sciences), receiving a Doctorate in Media Arts from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2000. Continuing to pursue uncharted territory, Ken moved to China (2000-2008) to participate in the development of nascent digital arts/music programs at China's Central Conservatory of Music (Professor in the China Electronic Music Center, CEMC) and Peking University (Associate Professor in the School of Software, Department of Digital Art and Design). Concurrently, he lectured at China's Academy of Fine Arts while presenting his work internationally. During this time he served on the board of the young Electronic Music Association of China (EMAC) and started the Chinese language branch of Leonardo LABS – a database of abstracts for Ph.D, Masters and MFA theses at the intersection of research in arts and science. Another major accomplishment of this period was to lead a team project to translate the Computer Music Tutorial by Curtis Roads (2011). Ken was co-organizer of CEMC’s annual Musicacoustica festival in Beijing from 2005-2007, as well as the Planetary Collegium's Consciousness Reframed Conference 2004: Qi and Complexity. His domain of practice lies within the area of telematic arts – more specifically networked music - while theoretically focusing on issues related to ontology and the technology of inquiry. Ken is presently regional editor for the Journals of Organised Sound and ACM’s Computers in Entertainment and a member of the international peer review panel for LABS: Leonardo Abstracts Service. Currently, Ken serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Organised Sound. In July 2013, he completed a five year appointment as Canada Research Chair in telemedia arts and, affective 2014 will return full-time to China's Central Conservatory of Music to start a new international Ph.D. program for networked music performance.