Seigo Matsuoka

Seigo Matsuoka is Director of the Editorial Engineering Laboratory. Born in Kyoto in 1944, Matsuoka graduated from Waseda University School of Letters. He founded the publishing house Kosakusha and began publishing Object Magazine in 1971. As Japan's first editorial director, Matsuoka's genre-transcending editing and trailblazing graphism exerted great influence in the worlds of art, ideas and media. Matsuoka later became independent, founding the Editorial Engineering Laboratory in 1987. Applying research findings from fields as diverse as Japanese culture, economic culture, storytelling, design, textual culture, iconography and the natural sciences to the development of information culture techniques, he has produced, overseen and directed numerous plans and development projects. In recent years, Matsuoka has been formulating the ISIS project, which will link knowledge and information from all ages and cultures in an enormous "city of books" over a digital network. Proactive in searching for applications for the educational methods of editorial engineering, he has also developed educational support software appropriate for elementary through university students and founded the world's first Internet-based school, the ISIS Editorial School.
Selected Works:
Zen Uchu Shi (Summa Cosmographica), published by Kosakusha, 1979
Shizengaku Mandala (Physica Mandala), published by Kosakusha, 1979
Ma no Hon (The Book of Ma), published by Kosakusha, 1980
Art Japanesque, 18 Volumes, published by Kodansha, 1982-1984
Joho to Bunka (Information and Culture), published by NTT Shuppan, 1986
Joho no Rekishi (History Informs), published by NTT Shuppan, 1990
Chi no Hensyu Kogaku (Editorial Engineering for Intelligence), published by Asahi Shinbunsya, 1996
Nihon Ryu (Japanese Style), published by Asahi Shinbunsya, 2000
Nihon Suki (Japanese Taste), published by Shunjusya, 2000
Sansui Shiso (Sansui Thought)-another Japan published by Gogatsushobo, 2003

Tokya, Japan