Daniela de Paulis

Daniela de Paulis is a former contemporary dancer, a trans-disciplinary artist, licensed radio operator and radio telescope operator. From 2009 to 2019 she has been based at the Dwingeloo radio telescope, where she has developed the Visual Moonbounce technology and a series of innovative projects combining radio technologies with live performance art and neuroscience. Since 2010 she has been collaborating with a number of international organisations, including Astronomers Without Borders, for which she is the founder and director of the arts programme. She is a member of the IAA SETI Permanent Committee. She is the recipient of the Baruch Bloomberg Fellowship in Astrobiology at the Green Bank Observatory where she will develop an art-science project in 2021. She is a regular host for the Wow! Signal Podcast for which she records conversation on art, science and philosophy. She has published her work with the Leonardo MIT Journal, Inderscience, Springer, Cambridge University Press and RIXC amongst others.

Daniela de Paulis Studio
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Focus area: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Space, Astronomy, Performance Art, Theater