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Words On Works

edited by Judy Malloy

Words on Works was a series of short, informal statements about new artworks in which art and technology coexist or merge. In the spirit of Leonardo, the information in Words on Works is what the artists themselves have chosen to say about their own work. In some of these statements, rather than describing the work in detail, the artists use nontraditional language that echoes the work itself and is expressive of their vision. By introducing these artists, Words on Works operates in the same way that alternative art spaces operate in the gallery-museum milieu.

Note: Words on Works is now presented in the journal under the "Artists' Statements" section, edited by the journal editors.


Digital Blood
by Marjorie Franklin

The Doorway
by by Eric Dymond

Towards Hypermusic
by John Maxwell Hobbs

Local 411: Private Conversations in Public Space
by Ian Pollock and Janet Silk


Elective Affinities
by Sara Roberts

The Mind as Poem: A Life Set for Two
by Robert Kendall

Urban Reclamation: Place, Value, Use: The Nine Mile Run Project
by Tim Collins and Reiko Goto

Spiriting: Life in Wyoming with the Gingerbread Man
by Jessica Holt


Art Communication Systems
by Anna Couey

Art for the Information Age: The In Our Path and ArtFBI Web Sites
by Jeff Gates

The Sun Drops Its Torch; EROS INterACTive; AnArchy Partycam
by JoAnn Gillerman

An Object Orientation: A Theatrical Reexamination of the Man and Machine Struggle in the Information Age
by Timothy O'Brien

Semiotic Cell
by Ana Richardson

by Patricia Tavenner

by Fred Truck

Gray Area
by Paul DeMarinis


Here Is Where You Heard the Ocean: An Interactive Sound Installation
by Laura Clemons

North Water World
by Ann Powers

Six Right of 7 South
by Martina M. Shenal

What Did Jackie Say?
by Joseph Wilson

Reflections behind the Mirror: Copier Art as Metaphor
by Sarah Jackson

Sangre Boliviana
by Lucia Grossberger-Morales


Is Anyone There?
by Stephen Wilson

Broken Heart (Corazon Roto)
by Isaac Victor Kerlow

Readings in Organized Chaos
by Max Lanier and Lora McDonald

Acid Migration of Culture
by Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese

Sound and Ceramics
by Bart Lynch

Global Displacement Network
by Dana Fritz

Maouja Menhouta (Sculpted Wave)
by Azdine Sedjal

Lagoon Project: San Francisco Exploratorium
by Laurie Lundquist


Uploaded 6 June 1998

Updated 26 April 2006

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