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Art and War:

The Role of Artists and Scientists in Times of War

We live in a time when war, far from being eliminated from the planet, is a continuing fact of life for many. Some wars are overt military wars, others are endemic situations of social and economic conflict.

What can artists and scientists do when there is a war? How can we be useful? How can we help to find solutions? How can we avoid the use of the military while at the same time protecting the lives of innocent civilians? What educational work can we do to avoid violence and war? Historically the work of some artists and scientists has been instrumental in shaping perceptions and initiatives.

LEONARDO Editorial Advisor Michele Emmer and LEONARDO seek papers discussing these and other topics that address the role and work of artists and scientists in times of war.

Materials and Discussions available on Leonardo-On-Line:
Materials and Discussions published in print in Leonardo:
  • MICHELE EMMER: Artists and War: Answers? (34:1)
  • BULAT GALEYEV: Open Letter to Ray Bradbury (34:1)
  • JOSEPH NECHVATAL: La beaute tragique: Mapping the Militarization of Spatial Cultural Consciousness (34:1)
  • SHEILA PINKEL: Thermonuclear Gardens: Information Art Works about the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex (34:4)
  • UBIRATAN D'AMBROSIO: Mathematics and Peace: Our Responsibilities (34:4)
  • ALEJANDRO DUQUE: New Media as Resistance: Colombia (34:4)
  • MICHELE EMMER: EDITORIAL: Can Ideas and Words Be Useful? (35:1)
  • MATJUSKA TEJA KRASEK: Endnote: The Role of Artists and Scientists in Times of War (35:2)

Please see our editorial guidelines and submission procedures for more information about where and how to submit.

Updated 31 October 2007

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