Ricardo Velarde

(top left and center, bottom left and center) Langoy, video, 3 min., 2000
4 Festival Internacional de Video Arte, Lima
(© Ricardo Velarde)

(top right and bottom right) Viste?, video, 2 min., 2001
5 Festival Internacional de Video/Arte/Electrónica, Lima
(© Ricardo Velarde)

I have always felt a great attraction to creating illustrations or drawings. I started a long time ago in the traditional way: drawing by hand. Then what computers had to offer began to capture my attention. Finally, I noticed that this was a way in which I could integrate my two major interests. Thus, I began learning many 3D animation techniques by myself. The idea of giving life to my own creations and characters interests me greatly. My impulse in starting these two projects was to create characters. My method, whether in doing videos or animations, starts in the same way: with the creation of a character. I then create scenery and atmosphere appropriate to that character. It is only with all these elements in place that I create a story---not the other way around. These two works, each one with its own characters and scenes, are like personal interpretations of diverse parts or aspects of my own personality. I see them as self-portraits.

Ricardo Velarde,
Junin 301#3a Barranco,
Lima, Perú.
E-mail: rvelarde@amauta.rcp.net.pe, chifaalpaso@yahoo.com

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