by Mongrel

Mongrel is a group that celebrates the
methods of London street culture by
undertaking a variety of projects ranging
from art to software to workshops.
The core group includes Matsuko
Yokokoji, Mervin Jarman, Richard
Pierre-Davis and Graham Harwood.
The premise of BlackLash is that
the filth is still in command of society and
the streets, making sure only the selected
few can escape the hellhole. The
authorities have unleashed their law
enforcers to crack down on the undesirables

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and maintain control of the streets, contaminating all areas with guns and drugs.
Players have four characters to choose from as they battle to annihilate the powers that
be and win the car of their dreams. Disclaimer: If advocates against reality games

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take a walk through any ghetto in actual
reality, it may better enhance their
understanding of what the artists who
write these games experience. Upon
entering the urban warzone, they would
bear witness to the hellish phenomena
of crack, soured drug deals, drive-by
shootings and empty bottles of booze
that litter the streets.

BlackLash, 1998
Macintosh game
(© Graham Harwood)

Graham Harwood
De Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4
1012 CR Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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