CripTech Incubator - Request for Interest (Round 1)

Leonardo CripTech Incubator is an art-and-technology fellowship centered on disability innovation. Through 2022-2023, this incubator creates a platform for artists with disabilities to engage and remake creative technologies through the lens of accessibility. Across five residency sites in California in 2022, artists will have the opportunity to engage with a cohort of other disabled artists and a network of experts in technology and media to develop a project at the intersection of disability, art and technology that innovates new forms of aesthetic access. In 2023, Artists will have an opportunity to present their work in Leonardo’s LASER salon series, participate in workshops, exhibit their artworks and be published in a special issue of Leonardo journal. Artists will be awarded an $11,000 stipend to support their projects.

Round 1 will be open from 15 April - 15 May 2021. In Round 1, we will assess artist interest and eligibility to participate in CripTech Incubator.
Round 2: After reviewing Round 1 submissions for eligibility, we will invite more detailed submissions in early June. Round 2 will be open from 1 June-15 July 2021.
Finalists will be invited and announced in August.
Accessibility Assistance
If you have access questions or need assistance please contact or call 415-322-0037.
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